About Us

It all started with ‘Μια φορά κι έναν καιρό …’

and children all over the world asking, “Daddy… what does that mean? Why does γιαγιά talk funny?”

To which universal Daddies reply, “She doesn’t talk funny she speaks Greek…maybe you should go to Greek school and learn Greek too… Where’s your mother?” Thus our online library began, so it could help all the parents and grandparents who want their children and grandchildren to talk funny too.If your children would like to create and post drawings and “funny Greek text” for γιαγιά and παππού they can be emailed to us to be uploaded onto our gallery. Although membership is required to view our online Greek eBooks, the library’s other digital media and gallery can be viewed by all our readers without becoming a member.

If you have written a children’s book and want it made/translated into an eBook or if you wish to contribute all or advertise part of your existing eBook in the library email us at the address below and we can give you a price quotation.

Happy Learning and Interacting

Mrs Fotini

your eBook librarian

Our Team


Designer mother of 2 and creator of ebooksforlittlegreeks


Greek translator teacher and mother of 2


German translator teacher and mother of 1  


Russian translator teacher and mother of 2


Spanish translator teacher and designer